The Genesis Collection

A collection of unique animated bees from the community artists at 1Hive, Agave, BrightID, GUStakes, TEC, Shapeshift, xDai punks and Gitcoin

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The Artists Behind the Project


Lead Art Director for the NFBeez Project, Gigadig has his own unique style that community artists collaborated to bring you the NFTs we have today

Agave, GUStakes and 1Hive Gardens

Representing multiDAO, Rohek is one of many artists that contribute to the 1Hive art, NFT and POAP giveaways that 1Hive provides during events.

Gray Machine
ShapeShift DAO

Representing the ShapeShift community. Currently 1Hive and ShapeShift are doing a joint liquidity to strengthen both community treasuries. Stronger together.

Bright ID

Representing the BrightID community. Currently BrightID created their own DAO using 1Hive's Gardens tool to help govern their Anti-sybil network system

1Hive and Agave

3D Artist by day creating animation cartoons, films and commercials such as Disney. Ata spends nights dedicated to passion projects like Agave plushie and NFBeez

Token Engineering Commons

Representing the TEC community. Currently 1Hive and TEC members are working together to create a new tokenomics system designed by the community.


Representing the 1Hive community. A cross community specialist, Zer8 promotes publics goods and supports many charities in his local area


Representing the Gitcoin community. Gitcoin supports projects creating open source development and public goods by funding the teams behind the work

1Hive and Mafia Creativa

Representing 1Hive community and Mafia Creativa. A canvas painter turned by trait, Ann took on a digital project to represent the bees in her unique style


She is part of the community of artists that makes the project possible, creator of creative content, contributing and collaborating on this and other projects


Representing the 1Hive community. A dedicated 1Hive artist, Harsh is one of the artists behind much of the 1Hive materials that is being used currently

Jean Andre
xDai Punks

Representing the xDai Punks. Bring their unique style to the NFBeez, the punks are well established on the xDai network and have also just released a token: PUNK